Seymour Indiana Restaurants

Homestyle Dining, LLC, the world's first full service barbecue restaurant in Seymour, Indiana, has opened a franchise location. Bonanza Steak & BBQ is celebrating its 10th anniversary with an enhanced menu that offers a variety of quality meats at prices that every American family can afford. HomestyleDining recently launched the first restaurant of its kind in Indiana.

The restaurant has its own bar area where guests can enjoy margaritas and sangrias made with freshly squeezed juices. The dining room features a functional bakery serving freshly baked bread throughout the day, as well as a bar with a selection of craft beers and wines.

The restaurant's appetizers range from candied bacon, hand-breaded ribeyes with smoked rock crust and homemade suction - to Russet Potato Pulled Pork nachos. The steak starter includes thickly sliced onion rings, chops and fries, as well as a variety of other appetizers and salads.

The menu includes baby ribs, smoked prime rib, slow-cooked ribs cooked on site for at least eight hours, and mashed breast, pork chops and pork ribs with sausages.

The menu at Bonanza Steak & BBQ offers a mix of traditional grilled and grilled dishes that appeal to today's guests with their culinary flavours and twists. The interior is designed to reflect the restaurant's history and location in the heart of downtown Indianapolis. Everhart plans to open more than 1,000 restaurants and franchise in Indiana over the next few years. In addition to opening 250 restaurants over the next five years, the first Cole's Backyard Grill will open in Indianapolis in 2018.

More About Seymour

More About Seymour