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If you are looking for a new place to get your instrument repaired or just want to visit a local store for the upcoming holiday season, we thought you might like this one. Old Guitar doesn't offer just any guitar, but we've selected a handful of tunes that every Hoosier should know. The selection is second to none, so check out our list of the best guitar shops in Indiana and Indiana. A place where you can find almost any instrument your heart desires, with a wide selection of instruments you can buy.

This song may be associated with Ohio State University today, but it first became famous by a garage rock group from Union City, Indiana, in the 1960s. Guitarist Wes Montgomery topped the list of Indiana jazz greats who also performed at the Indiana Jazz Hall of Fame's first Induction Ceremony. Many of Montgomery's songs have proved their worth, but "Road Song" is one that you still hear and that is often played in jazz clubs in Indianapolis today.

The Zero Boys are still celebrated in the rock'n'roll world today and got the ultimate shout when Metallica's Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo covered a few songs from "Vicious Circle" at a show at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. A sold-out concert in Muncie was filmed as the Truth and Soul Rock & Roll Tour came to an end. Although he bucked the trend of leaving his hometown for more glamorous pastures, Mellencamp remained based in Indiana for the rest of his life. Indiana "appeared on the official website in 2005 and is titled" Burning Fields, "a song about life under an elm tree.

He is also known for his attitude to rock'n'roll. Mellencamp's previous albums included standard guitar rock, but he wanted his group's sound to rock hard. Fiddle and accordion are featured on the album, which gives the album a strange folk-country feel.

The band offered Nathan Bennett, whom they knew from Indiana-based rock band A.M. Drive, the role of bass player. Funk is introduced into the mix, with Tony's "Mr. Happy" being added to "Lucky" and "Get Your Leg Up." Mellencamp also married his third wife, model Elaine Irwin (who appeared in the TV series "Up, Get a Leg up"), with whom he has two sons, Hud and Bacon.

At the same time, Mellencamp began organizing concerts to support Midwestern farmers and families. The four annual shows have grossed millions and hold the record for the largest one-day concert attendance in US history. The Edinburgh-born actress later married, started a family and moved to Seymour, Anania's hometown, in 2010. Despite his long-standing interest in music, family patriarch Rodney has been talking about opening his own venue for years.

The first single on the album, "Speaking Tongues," was released on October 22, 2002 and was the band's first full-length release in more than 20 years.

Speaking about his career, Mellencamp told Rolling Stone's Mike Leonard: 'The cycle of making records and touring has been going on for 20 years. The Elms have played over 900 concerts in their lives and are known to premiere new songs before they are officially released. Over the years, everyone from Frank Sinatra to U2 has recorded the song, as it has reached countless ears around the world.

Every Monday, bring your own hobby or enjoy getting to know someone else's hobby, Old Guitar will be open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the old guitar shop on the west side of the city.

Rodney said there will be a house band there and the band will play music based on the style of the guests. Rodney said he would also like to host other music - related shows, such as a live music show or a show with a local band.

If you can't quite figure it out, take a look at the inventory and browse the website to get a good look at the mural by John Mellencamp. Seymour Main Street said if selected, HGTV would likely select which projects would be included in the redesign. It is not yet known when the winner will be announced, but the large mural will likely be repainted and the rest of the mural, as well as the walls, ceiling and walls in front of it, restored.

The project will improve the space from one chamber square to another, improve lighting and electricity, improve the sidewalk boundary, create a common room with seating for a variety of events and events, and an open-air stage. The house band will consist of members of the Seymour Main Street Band, Brad Dickson and the South Side Band. Special guests will include the Indianapolis Colts, Indiana State University, Indiana University - Purdue University Bloomington and a special guest from the University of Indiana. Assistant Director of Public Relations and Interim Director Dr. John J. Dolan Jr., will assist production.

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